Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 9 “Citizen Fang”

supernatural-title-1      “Benny” (played by Ty Olsson) is working at a Diner getting chatted up by by an older man about “Elizabeth” (played by Kathleen Munroe who also played “Katie’s” mom Supernatural 3×2 “The kids are alright”, “Eternal/Alphas”) the beautiful owner.  supernatural8-9-benny-working  “Martin” (played by Jon Gries who also was on 5×11 “Sam, Interrupted, and Helter Skelter/The Pretender”) is there as well watching “Benny”. “Martin” follows “Benny” through a wooded area when yells from a man can be heard. “Martin” runs to investigate tripping over the dead body of the old man chatting up “Benny” in the Diner..his throat is all ripped up. “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) gets a call, and informs “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) they have a case “Dean”  “Can I at least finish my burger”   supernatural8-9-sambeingsneeky  “Sam” tells “Dean” it is a vampire kill, and “Martin” is already there. “Dean” looks confused, and annoyed even more so after “Sam” tells him he has been having “Martin” follow “Benny” around. “Dean” agrees to investigate but is not happy about the situation.  supernatural8-9-dean-madinthecar  “The Winchester brothers” meet with “Martin” he fills them in on what he seen, heard, and believes concerning “Benny”, “Dean” isn’t accepting anything “Martin” has to say about “Benny”, or that he is killing people. “Dean” is determined to prove “Benny” is innocent but “Martin” can’t wrap his mind around that “Dean” a “Hunter” is vouching for a Vamp?! “Sam” gets “Martin” to shut up, and give “Dean” a chance to prove “Benny” is innocent. “Sam” flashed back to “Amelia” (played by Llane Balaban), and playing ball with his dog. They are discussing “Amelia’s” husband’s return from the supposed dead. Trying to figure out what to do now, and their relationship?!   supernatural8-9-martin-bs  “Dean” goes to the Diner “Benny” works at looking for “Benny” but only finding “Elizabeth” she tells “Dean” “Benny” has suddenly needed to take some time off. “Benny” is standing over the dead body of a young girl. Seems “Benny” is digging a grave to put her in..hmmm. “Dean”  has tracked “Benny” down wanting to talk after both safety their knives. “Benny” tells “Dean” it is a rouge Vampire named “Desmond” (That is the name of a M/M Vampire book a read/own good book but the ending pissed me off) (played by Chad Rook who also played “Marshall Todd 6×11 “Mommy Dearest, The Brotherhood 4: The Complex/Cult t.v”) trying to force “Benny” to join his Nest.  supernatural8-9-diner  “Benny” tells “Dean” that “Elizabeth” is his great grand daughter, and he would prefer to deal with the rouge Vampire “Desmond” himself. “Benny” tells “Dean” he doesn’t care, or fear “Sam”, or Martin”. “Dean” is trying to explain to the guys whats going on but “Martin” isn’t buying what “Dean” is selling so cracks him over the head knocking him out. “Martin”, & “Sam” leave, and go find “Benny” to kill him. “Sam” flashes again to sitting at a bar, and meeting “Amelia’s” suddenly risen from the dead husband. They agree that once “Amelia” makes her choice of which man to be with the other would part ways quietly. “Dean” calls “Benny” to warn him, and agrees to meet up later to take out “Desmond”.  supernatural8-9-sam-martin  “Sam” receives a text from “Amelia” asking for help causing “Sam” to abandon “Martin” by the side of the road. “Dean”, & “Benny” enter a building by the docks “Desmond” gets the jump on “Dean” slicing “Dean’s” throat but “Benny” decapitates “Desmond” before “Dean” becomes a Vampire meal. “Dean’s” blood gets “Benny’s” thirst going but “Benny” is able to control himself.  supernatural8-9-desmond-dies“Dean”, & “Benny” have a moment which was a little depressing, always alone, never creating roots anywhere, and can’t see family. 😦   “Sam” flashes back to to saying goodbye to “Amelia”. (These flash back are getting annoying)  “Benny”, & “Dean” part ways, and “Dean” calls off “Martin” who is not looking so happy right now walking the dark roads.  supernatural8-9-dean-benny  “Benny” receives a call from “Elizabeth” but is “Martin” on the other end threatening to hurt “Elizabeth” if he doesn’t come to the Diner..soon. “Benny” races back to the Diner finding “Elizabeth” tied to a chair with “Martin” holding a blade to her throat. “Elizabeth” is freaking out, and is very confused on the conversation going on between the man with the blade to her throat, and her friend/employee.  supernatural8-9-martin-tootouchy  “Martin” cuts “Elizabeth’s” throat just enough to bleed her to show her “Benny’s” true form, and get his lust for blood going. “Martin” tells “Benny” to commit suicide by his blade to save his family. “Sam” gets to “Amelia’s” pretty quick to see her through a window safe watching t.v with her husband looking happy.  supernatural8-9-sam-awkward  “Dean” receives a call from “Elizabeth” asking him to come to the Diner, “Elizabeth” is drenched in blood, and looks to be in shock. “Dean” makes it to the Diner sees “Elizabeth” covered in blood sitting on the steps into her Diner in shock. “Dean” enters the Diner to find “Martin” is missing his throat. (can’t say he didn’t deserve it)   “Sam” is sitting at the bar trying to figure out the text when he calls it, and “Dean” answers it..ouch “Dean”. “Sam” learns “Benny” killed “Martin” but not wanting to hear the Why?  supernatural8-9-martin-dies  “Sam” hangs up. In walks “Amelia”.         


Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 8 “Hunteri Heroici”

supernatural-title      “Gary” played by (Andrew Zachar “Reaper/Alcatraz”)supernatural8-8-andrew-garyis sitting down at a picnic table in the park, when a woman he must be waiting for approaches him, and while talking a heartbeat can be heard until it looks to be “Gary’s” heart trying to beat out of his chest.  supernatural8-8-gary-heartbeat  When suddenly violent, and bloodily it does..eck…ouch “Gary” R.I.P.  “Castiel” (played by “Misha Collins”) tells “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles), & “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) that he has turned off his Angel radio, and wants to be a “Hunter”, and that he has found their 1st case, which is “Gary’s” strange death. While looking over “Gary’s” file “Cas” begins to smell the body believing that his nose will crack the case,  supernatural8-8-cas-smellingabody  Of course the boys shoot down “Cas”, and his Angel nose. Informing him that years of experience knowing/understanding human behavior, and reading between the lines is what gets the job done. Sam” flashes back to his time with “Amelia” (played by Llane Balaban), and meeting her father “Stan” (played by Brian Markinson “Millennium, and Caprica”) for the first time..looks like it didn’t go well. While the guys are at “Gary’s” widows home “Cas” believe through T.V. (Cas has been watching way too much Columbo) he knows how to question her, and get the truth from her?!  supernatural8-8-cas-badcop  When the woman “Gary” was meeting, and caused his heart to explode from his chest walks in “Cas” never understanding tack in speaking blurts out “Gary”, and this woman were having an affair. The wife then informs the guys they had an agreement, and swapped partners to keep their marriage hot. “Dean” approves! 🙂  A man is attempting suicide when he is standing on air instead of dropping to his death after walking off the ledge of a roof. Praising GOD believing it was a sign he was to live to suddenly dropping to his “Sam”, & “Dean” realize these deaths are cartoon like. “Castiel” hears a police scan about a robbery at a bank,  supernatural8-8-anvilmess  once at the bank the guys notice a pile of flesh with an anvil on top of it. “Detective Glass” (played by Catherine Lough Haggquist “Highlander-t.v/Once Upon a Time”) the mess under it use to be the night security man..ouch  “Dean”, & “Sam” notice black circles in the bank know these to be black holes that cartoon characters use to escape places/things.  “Dean” pulls “Cas” to the side wanting to know what is really going on with him?!   supernatural8-8-castiel  “Castiel” can’t face Heaven, or the remaining Angels he is not ready to face what he has done! “Castiel” is afraid if he does go now he will kill himself. “Cas” feels he needs to do Penance for his misdeeds.  supernatural8-8-sam   “Sam” comes across a promising lead to a senior retirement home “Sunset Fields”. “Dean”, & “Cas” question Mrs. Tate (played by Maxine Miller “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood/Harper Island”) about her stolen jewelry but Mrs. Tate is too busy flirting, and talking to “Cas” whom she believes is her 3 husband “Charles” “You were so pretty Charles” 🙂   supernatural8-8-mrs-tate  Mrs. Tate tells “Dean”, & “Cas” that the cat talks sometimes “Mrs. Tate” “He really hates that mouse” “Cas” goes to interrogate the cat. “Sam” again flashes back to the 1st time meeting “Stan” “Amelia’s” father, and looking like dinner was looong, and brutal. “Stan” asks “Sam” what is he running from? hmmm where do I start…  🙂   “Sam” snaps out of the flash back spotting “Fred Jones” (played by Mike Farrell “M.A.S.H/ Superman-t.v”) on a resident board, and remembers he is psychokinetic…maybe he is behind the loony business. “Dean”  “Cas let’s go!”  “Castiel” “I’ve almost cracked him”  “Dean”  “Now!!”  “Cas”  “I’m not through with you!”  supernatural8-8-cat  “Cat”  “Dumb Ass!”     “Fred” is in his room sitting in his wheelchair watching cartoons, and to see if “Fred” is causing the cartoons “Dean” cracks himself in the head with a hard book causing birds to sing around his head..yep it is “Fred”…bad Fred. But, before the guys could attempt to speak to “Fred” figure out why he doing anything “Cas” is overheard by “Dr. Dwight” (played by Greg Webb “Puppet master 2/Alcatraz-t.v”) asking should they should kill”Fred” they get kicked out.  supernatural8-8-dean  “Dean”  “Real freaken smooth”  “Cas”  “We don’t have to leave him I can teleport him”  “Sam”  “Fred’s” radioactive “Cas” you zap him no telling what will happen!?”  “Dean”  “Me”, & “Sam” will circle back tonight get “Fred”..nice, and clean” “You go invisible girl, and keep an eye on him, you hear me? Good!”      “Fred” is forced to be at “Mrs. Tate’s” birthday party so while there he spots the “Woody Woodpecker” cartoon, and sees dynamite on t.v. “Fred” decides to brings his own kind of entertainment to the party, and when “Mrs. Tate” blows out her candles…BOOM the cake splatters everywhere. lol..I approve of this party.  “The Winchester brothers” return to the retirement home where they question the staff while doing so “Mrs. Tate” snitches out the S.T.N.A for wearing her stolen bracelet. When questioned the S.T.N.A snitches on her boyfriend when they follow the lead she gave them they find her boyfriend in the kitchen shot in the guy.  The guys ask “Cas” to do his Angel mojo to heal him which he does, and the dude is so confused right now. The boyfriend tells them everything, and now they are on the search for “Dr. Dwight”, and “Fred” the unknowing compliance.  supernatural8-8-stan  “Sam” flashes once again still the meet, and greet dinner with “Amelia’s” dad “Stan” but nothing has changed still annoying, and pointless. “Dean” gets excited when he finds a black hole, and he shoves his fist through it (suddenly a porn I watched comes to mind), and can walk through it into the bank. “Cas”, & “Sam” find “Fred” in the back of a van watching cartoons. “Castiel” does some Angel mojo which puts him, and “Sam” inside “Fred’s” mind supernatural8-8-fredshead  which is a constant cartoon. “Dean” finds “Dr. Dwight” emptying the bank vault. “Dr. Dwight” feels he has the right to steal from the children of his residence since they drop off their parents, and never bother to visit their parents. I work in the Health field, and unfortunately this is true for most but not all. “Sam” is laying his heart out to “Fred” to convince him he needs to come back to reality, and it works..just in time to save “Dean’s” ass. “Fred” has “Dr. Dwight” shoot himself for all he has caused.  supernatural8-8-end  “Fred” requests for his powers, and his reality be gone so “Castiel” helps make it so leaving “Fred” in his mind happy, and powerless. “Castiel” is suddenly in Heavens waiting room where “Naomi” (played by Amanda Tapping) tells “Cas” he is not welcome in Heaven, and must continue on helping the boys. “Cas” decides hunting is not for him, and wants to stay with “Fred” watch over him for a while. “Sam” has a final flash back to dinner from Hell but looks to be going little better but alcohol is involved so never know, “Emilia” receives a call informing her, her husband is alive.        

Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 7 “A Little Slice of Kevin”

  Preschoolers are playing outside when one little boy playing in paint is escorted by a teacher to the restroom but once there the teachers shows she is possessed by a Demon. Once in the restroom a nasty wind storm begins teachers, and children go running, and the restroom is now empty, the little boy is gone. “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) is eating, and driving when he drives by what looks to be a very dirty “Castiel” (played by Misha Collins) walking along the side of the road. When “Dean” drives back “Castiel” is gone.    “Dean” returns to “Rufus” cabin were “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) looking over cases of disappearances of people with weird natural occurs happening at the same time. Meanwhile “Crowley” (played Mark A. Sheppard) has “Samandriel” (played by Tyler Johnston) strapped to a chair awfully sweaty, & bloody,    “Crowley” been busy torturing “Samandriel” getting info/names? “Crowley” mentioned the Angels don’t even realize he is missing so he can keep him all he wants doing whatever he wants to him..forever. eck.  “Crowley” “Sorry once you get going its really hard to stop” Poor “Samandriel” 😦   “Crowley” walks out to meet the people he had kidnapped sitting around a table.  “Kevin” (played by Osric Chau) walks into a building, and a bucket of holy water is poured on him causing him to fuss at his mother “Linda” (played by Lauren Tom) to please stop doing this to him everytime he returns. “Linda” tells “Kevin” she hired a witch to get the ingredients needed to make Demon bombs”Kevin” doesn’t approve but he is unable to stop his mother so he listens as she talks to the witch she hired “Delta” (played by Cyrina Fiallo “My Alibi”/”The Sopranos”) an ex rock band member now turned hired witch.    “Dean”, & “Sam” go question the preschool teacher that was last possessed by a Demon taking the child away but she only remembers waking up in a park, and the smell of sulfur. It lets the boys know Demons are behind the kidnappings. “Dean” is on his bed when he sees “Castiel” standing outside his window but once there “Castiel” is gone, and leaving “Dean” wondering if he is going insane. “Sam” wakes to see “Dean” looking out the window “Dean” admits to “Sam” he has been seeing “Castiel” everywhere.    “Dean” begins to tell “Sam” about the day he escaped Purgatory, and flashes back to that moment when him “Castiel”, & “Benny” are wondering looking for the portal out. “Castiel” while they are still in Purgatory tells “Dean” if he doesn’t make it out it is not “Dean’s” fault. “Crowley” is chatting up his hostages trying to find his new “Kevin” amongst them with no luck “Crowley” “I hope you enjoyed are orange juice, and pancakes best to pack in those carbs in the morning though”    “Possibly a long shot” “Does this mean anything to you?” Hostage “I don’t speak Chinese”  “Crowley” “Talk about the Dumbing down of America” “Anyone come on it’s fun, give it a go” “You hapless toads are utterly clueless aren’t ya?!”  One hostage begins to yell are “Crowley” demanding to be sent home, and he knows his rights. This of course annoys “Crowley” so he makes an example out of this man by causing internal damage to his body causing him to die. “Delta” comes to the “Tran” hideout, and just like “Kevin” “Delta” gets the holy water welcome soaking. While “Delta” goes to dry off “Kevin” watches her walk away but “Linda” puts a stop to any thoughts “Kevin” has. “Dean” is washing up in the bathroom when “Castiel” in true human form appears to “Dean” in the bathroom.    “Castiel” has the dirty bearded homeless look going on but looks good on him 😉   “Dean” wants to know how is “Castiel” here, how did he get out? But, “Castiel” doesn’t remember he was still in purgatory then he was walking the highway.    “Dean” flashed back to the day in purgatory when they found the portal. “Benny” hitches a ride home through “Dean’s” forearm then with a few words he, and “Dean” are one. Suddenly “Leviathans” drop in, and “Sam’s” talking brings “Dean” back to reality. “Dean” lets “Sam” know he is not believing “Castiel’s” story. “Castiel” appears all clean beardless, and Angelic again.   “Delta” wants to renegotiate their deal for the Demon bomb ingredients “Linda” has no choice but to agree. While “Kevin” is getting his mother’s purse he notices salt has been wiped off a window seal but before he could get his mother to run “Crowley” appears. “Delta” betrayed them to get what she felt was a better deal “Crowley” snaps his fingers, and “Delta” is gone, wonder where he sent her..Hell? “Crowley” jumps out with “Kevin” but before going tells the Demon with him to kill “Linda” but “Linda” get the jump on the Demon, and squirts him with holy water to escape.    Back at the Motel “Sam” is repeating the names of the people kidnapped, and “Castiel” is finishing the list for “Sam” “Castiel” tells the boys they are Prophets next in line if something happens to “Kevin” one will step up but they don’t know this till it happens. “Sam” asks about “Chuck” he is a Prophet but “Castiel” tells “Sam” for “Kevin” to become a Prophet “Chuck” had to have died..R.I.P Chuck. “Linda” calls “Sam” begging for help to get her son back from “Crowley”. “Crowley” is trying to persuade “Kevin” to read the tablet “Crowley” “Here’s the thing, I really want you to read the tablet because frankly this lot failed to inspire” “However better a stupid prophet than a stubborn prophet as the say goes” “Kevin” isn’t moved so “Crowley” kills another hostage very gory, & bloody way to get “Kevin’s” attention.    While “Sam”, “Dean”, and “Castiel” wait for “Linda”  “Dean” flashes back to Purgatory “Dean”, & “Castiel” are fighting “Leviathans” once the “Leviathans” are dead they make their way to the portal but “Castiel” doesn’t seem to want to go through the portal “Dean” is screaming for “Castiel” but once “Dean” is though it seals shut leaving “Castiel” behind calling for “Dean” as the portal shuts for good.    “Dean” asks “Castiel” to step out of the Impala once out “Dean” asks what happen in Purgatory “Dean” tells “Castiel” he didn’t leave him behind. “Castiel” looks confused at what “Dean” is saying but before they could finish their conversation “Linda Tran” pulls up. “Linda” opens her truck showing the boys a Demon she caught who he might know where her son is “Dean” pulls out the knife but we all know the Demon sang his heartless heart out.    “Crowley” has hit his breaking point in patience with “Kevin’s” unwillingness to read the tablet so he cut off “Kevin’s” pinky finger..ouch. Of course now “Kevin” is willing to read the tablet (so would I) all bloody and with one less finger. “Crowley” “Blah blah blah doesn’t anyone every edit this stuff” “So far as a writer GOD is a snooze” “No fun at parties I hear” 🙂  “Dean”, and the gang make their way to “Crowley’s” hideout once there “Sam” handcuffs “Linda” to the steering wheel to keep her safe, and “Dean” opens the trunk to get the Demon to confirm this is the location once he does “Dean” kills him.    “Crowley” “Don’t provoke me “Kevin” you still have 9 fingers” eck  Watching “Crowley” blow on a pinwheel was/is sexy but when he tells “Kevin” “just getting to the sexy part” Yummy.  “Sam”, & “Dean” make their way into the hideout. “Kevin” tells “Crowley” “Archangel Metatron” left a fair well message in the tablet, “Castiel” senses “Kevin” is near.”Sam” finds the remaining hostages hiding, and freaked out with blood everywhere. “Castiel” is weakened after using Angel power to kill a demon.    “Kevin” is still reading the tablet to “Crowley”, “Crowley” “there are more tablets more than Leviathans, and Demons” “Castiel” jumps in to greet “Crowley” beginning the pissing contest for ownership of “Kevin” as well as the tablet.    “Castiel” begins to get super Angel powered up “Crowley” “your bluffing” “Maybe you can get it up but you can’t keep it up!”     “Castiel” demonstrates some Angel superpowers but before “Crowley” jumped out “Castiel” goes to grab the tablet before “Crowley” but it ends up being broken into two pieces now both has a piece but who has what?! “Sam” tells “Linda”, & “Kevin” that “Garth” will hide them, and keep them safe. “Sam” also lectures “Linda” on hiring a witch because she did that it. and caused this..task task momma Tran.    “Sam” also tells “Kevin” that “Castiel” believes he can fix “Kevin’s” finger. “Dean”, & “Castiel” finish their conversation from earlier “Castiel” wants “Dean” to remember what really happened not what “Dean” chooses to remember “Castiel” touches “Dean’s” forehead to help his memory. “Dean” finally remembers that “Castiel” choose to stay behind he let go of “Dean’s” hand he was planning to stay the whole time he just didn’t know how to make “Dean” understand. “Castiel made a choice to stay in Purgatory he felt he belonged there, and he felt he needed to do Penance for everything he did on Earth, & Heaven. “Castiel” “You can’t save everyone my friend, though you try” while “Sam”, & “Dean” are talking “Castiel” is now standing in Heaven’s waiting room talking to an Angel named “Naomi” (played by Amanda Tapping “Stargate SG-1″/”Sanctuary”) she tells him to go to the Winchester’s but when he gets the call to report back to her but he will never remember that they speak. “Castiel” is suddenly back with the brothers listening to them talk haven’t lost a step. Then, begins the journey of the three musketeers. 🙂   

Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 6 “Southern Comfort”

  Kearney, Missour    A man is working under his car. When another car moving quickly pulls up, and parks near him. Out comes his wife “Mary” played by Chilton Crane (also was in 2×09 “Croatoan” played Mrs. Tanner, “21 Jump Street T.V/The 4400”) she is really pissed off, and yells “Ask Sara Alcott” but before her confused husband could respond “Mary” drops the car on her husband then gets into the drivers seat. “Mary” starts the car with her husband now stuck under it, and takes off killing her husband..ouch.    “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) is standing next to the Impala outside of “Fat Mack’s Rib Shack” yummy  messing with his cell when “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) walks by carrying lunch. “Dean” tells “Sam” of a new case, “Sam” begins to bitch about that, and ever since Prentiss Island “Dean” hasn’t spoken to him let alone explained “Benny”, and is now acting like nothing has happened. “Dean” says “Benny” is his friend, and my thought was “Amy Pond”  “Sam’s” friend “Dean” killed because didn’t believe she could change but “Benny” got a pass. Purgatory, “Benny”, or both has changed “Dean’s” view on all supernaturals must die. I still hope “Amy’s” son returns, and gets his revenge on “Dean” because if you have read my posts in the passed, or if new I want this show to end with “Dean”, & “Sam” dying.    “Sam” does look as annoyed as I am at “Dean” sudden change of heart then he brings up his friend “Amy”, and if “Benny” gets killed by another hunter then so be it…really “Sam” my message to you Kill Benny. “Dean”  “Because, Sam, Kevin’s in the wind, okay, you’re sulking around like a Eunuch in a whore house, and I can’t help but ask myself, when is decapitation not my thing?”  The Winchester brothers make their way to crazy wife’s home all suited up, the boys learn that Texas Ranger “Garth” (played by DJ Qualls) is already on the case.    While “Garth” brings the boys up to speed “Garth” receives a call, and giving supernatural advise is now “Garth’s” thing. “Sam” “Hold up! Are you then the new Bobby?”  “Dean” “You, Shut your Mouth!”  “Garth” “Yes”  “Dean” “You shut Your Mouth!”  “Dean” “What!?”   “Garth” explains it was a strange time “Dean”, & “Sam” where MIA “Bobby” is gone so someone/him had to step up “Garth” wants to get back to the case, and discuss everything later. “Dean” “Did Garth just tell us what to do?!” haha  “Garth” learns from the Corner that “Alcott” was craved into the husbands chest by his wife “Mary’s” nails (talk about scorned wife) “Scott” (played by Julian Bailey “Charmed/Death and Taxis”) “Mary”, and now deceased husband’s son but he can’t help the guys with any cause for this.    While looking for supernatural evidence “Garth” happens to step in to ectoplasma…gross ghost goo, and he makes me cringe when he than has to taste it off his shoe to confirm..yuck. In the hospital asking “Mary” questions to see if she remembers anything but she only remembers bits pieces, and the uncontrollable rage she had, then the guys learn that “Alcott” is a woman her husband had taken to the prom 30 years ago. “Sam”, “Dean”, and “Garth” are enjoying lunch in a confederate bar, & grill when “Garth” asks “Dean”, & “Sam’ what had happen to them, “Dean” proceeds to tell “Garth” he was in Purgatory “Garth” replys with “Ballz” which seemed to annoy “Dean” that he had to scold “Garth” in the proper why he had to say, and use “Ballz” which “Garth” gets the sad puppy face.     “Dean” asks about the confederate bar theme to get “Garth” off of asking more questions about purgatory, while “Scott” is sitting in his truck chatting with his wife on his cell when he spots someone he doesn’t want to be bothered with walking into the store “Scott” is about to go into. “Scott” than is walking into the store and has ecto-goo coming out of his ears.    He walks up to the man he early wasn’t wanting to see, while that man is giving “Scott” his condolences on his loss, “Scott” than grabs up a shovel, and begins beating the man with it killing him. “Scott” looks into a mirror, and you see the entity possessing him dressed in a civil war uniform looking pissed.    “Dean”, “Sam”, & “Garth” are at the store investigating when once again “Garth” steps in ghost goo “Dean” “First mom goes natural born killer, and now son” “What we got a ghost with a Oedipus complex” “Sam” looks oddly at “Dean”,  “Dean” “I don’t know what that means” haha   The guys see “Sussex” written in the dead mans blood on a freezer glass door. But, “Dean” suddenly gets occupied by the cap “Garth” is wearing it is “bobby’s” cap, as “Garth” tells the boys “Scott” remembers as much as “Mary’ did, and had the same rage issue. But, “Dean” only sees, and hears “Bobby’s” cap on “Garth’s” head then rips it off “Garth’s” head being the ass he is, and unable to adjust to the changes while he been away can’t stand anyone being “Bobby” or maybe feels he/”Dean” has the only rights to “Bobby” of course “Garth” is hurt by “Dean’s” actions. 😦    Deputy informs the guys the surveillance video is ready for them to view, and something weird happens, while viewing the video the guys notice “Scott’s” head is glowing at the time he killed the man. “Sam” visits “Mrs. Alcott” “Mary’s” deceased husband’s one time fling which “Mary” obviously never got over, and “Mrs.Alcott” figures she is a remained to “Mary” of her husbands betrayal to her.    “Sam” flashed back to a night he spent holding, and chatting with “Amelia”( played by Llane Balaban) learning she had a husband that died in the War in Afghanistan causing her to become recluse, and hide from the world around her that reminds her of her loss. Meanwhile “Garth”, & “Dean” are searching for answers on “Sussex” when “Garth” the light weight drinker goes to grab a beer which “Dean” takes away reminding “Garth” the last time “Dean” gave him one beer he was picking him up off the floor. “Garth” than calls “Dean” an “Idoit” which causes “Dean” to chastise “Garth”, and remind him he is not “Bobby” as well as telling him that he would wish for “Garth” to stop acting like he is.    “Garth” made me proud when he stood up to “Dean”, “Garth” “Bobby belonged to all of us Dean not just you, and Sam” “I’m just taking what he showed me, and trying to do something with it, that’s all” “Dean” changes his tune, and also comes across what “Sussex” meant to “Scott” it is a business to him, and the one time friend/man he killed owned. “Garth” finds in “Bobby’s” book that the entity is a “Specter” a avenging ghost which will appear after a grave has been disturbed.    The only grave they came a cross was the tomb of the unknown Soldier which was vandalized by teens. “Sam” “Burning the bones of a confederate soldier in a town full of rednecks, sure”  the guys break into the tomb but nothing looks touched, “Sam” finds a piece of string on the ground. They remove the top putting salt, and pouring gasoline on the remains “Garth” “Alright, alright, I feel like we should say something, alright, don’t you? just a little..”  “Dean” “Sure, We Won!” haha, and the bonfire begins. Back at the county jail “Scott” begins to have an asthma attack when “Deputy Doug” (played by Aaron Craven whoalso was in 1×12 “Faith” played “David”/”First Wave”/”Continuum”) goes looking for “Scott’s” inhaler in the evidence room. Instead of giving “Doug” his inhaler “Deputy Doug” with ecto-goo coming out of his ears, gets a shot gun then shooting the Sheriff killing him. “Dean”, & “Sam” question “Deputy Doug” he informs them “Deputy Karl” (played by Matthew Kevin Anderson “Killer Instinct/Trick ‘r Treat”)tackled him then after cuffing him “Deputy Karl” said he was going to the hospital.   “Sam” flashes back to “Amelia” sneaking around her Motel room looking like a caged cat trying to escape. “Sam” wakes while she is rushing about looking confused being told that last night never happened, and please forget what she told him she wish she hadn’t said anything. “Dean” catches up with “Deputy Karl” whose about to kill the man that he felt called him wrongly in a baseball game. The “Specter” possessed “Deputy Karl” seems to like the rage, and feel of betrayal “Dean” is hitting him, and “Deputy Karl” puts an old Indian penny in “Dean’s” hand, now “Dean” carry’s the “Specters” rage.   Flashback to three teenage boys drinking in the tomb of the unknown soldier one boy takes the necklace from around the soldiers neck attached to it is the penny “Dean” now possesses. The teens are at a store buying things when the penny is given to the cashier whom then gives it to “Mary Lew” for change after she purchases her items, kills her husband. “Scott” chatting with his wife moments after seeing the friend he will soon kills goes into him mom’s purse getting out money comes in contact with the penny, kills his ex-friend. Now the penny is in evidence , “Scott” begins his asthma attack “Deputy Doug” goes to evidence to retrieve “Scott’s” inhaler touching the penny which now the “Specter” attached to the penny now has “Deputy Doug” whom than kills the Sheriff. “Deputy Doug” is tackled to the ground by “Deputy Karl” whom after handcuffing “Deputy Doug” finds the penny on the ground, and once he touches it is on his way to the hospital. “Deputy Karl” fires off the shotgun but misses the empire he has beef with when “Dean” gets into a tassel with “Deputy Karl” but the “Specter” has “Deputy Karl” place the penny in “Dean’s” hand. “Sam”, & “Garth enter Motel room wondering why “Dean” hasn’t been answering their calls when they notice the ooze coming out of “Dean’s” ears.    “Dean” is ready to kill his brother “Sam” feeling “Sam” has always betrayed him. The brothers begin to fight, and finally get the must needed talk out of their system. “Garth” tries to talk “Dean” off the ledge but “Specter” possessed “Dean” isn’t hearing it but before “Dean” could shoot “Sam” “Garth uppercuts “Dean” knocking the penny out of “Dean’s” hand. “Garth” picks up the penny but seems “Garth” has no grudges so the penny has no effect on him.   “Garth” gives “Dean” some advise, and his usual hug goodbye then “Dean” gives “Bobby’s” cap back to “Garth”, and “Garth” rides off into the night. “Sam” meanwhile flashes back to his time with “Amelia”, and explains how much they are alike with her husband gone, and “Sam” losing “Dean” also how their loneliness brought them together.  
“Sam” draws the line in the sand with “Dean” which “Dean” respects with “Sam” telling “Dean” he just might be the hunter that kills “Benny”, “Dean” didn’t seem to like hearing that from his brother but seemed to understand but I guess time will tell how that moment will play out?!      

Supernatural Season 8 Episode 5 “Blood Brothers”

  Eagle Harbor, Washington   A man is walking alone in the dark when “Benny” (played by Ty Olsson) appears to ask an old enemy “Quentin” (played by Clayton Chitty “Fringe/Grave Encounters 2”) where “The Old Man” is.  “Quentin”  “Please..You go, and crawl your way out of God’s ass for another ride on the Merry-Go-round?”  fighting begins between “Benny”, “Quentin”, and a few other Vamps. “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) rushes into a Motel room with “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) following behind him looking for “Kevin Tran” their hiding “prophet”, and his mother. No “Kevin” in the Motel room he gave them the slip again.    “Dean” “Kids like rain man” “Like a crappy little credit card counting criminal protege rain man”   “Sam”  “Well he was in advance placement”   “Dean”  “Shut Up!” haha. “Dean” receives a call from “Benny” he is really hurt, and asks “Dean” for help.    And, “Dean” is off to help “Benny” leaving “Sam” confused as to what just happened  “Sam”  “What does that mean “Personal”?”   “Dean”  “Did you have a stroke? Vocabulary! “Personal” as in my own grown up personal..I Don’t Know Crap!”  “Sam” is not happy but “Dean” is off.    “Dean” flashbacks to Purgatory when him, and “Benny” are killing creatures while “Benny” whistles a tune. “Sam” is back in the Motel room searching for “Kevin” when he decides to check up on “Amelia” (played by Liane Balaban) when he gets distracted by a noise coming from the bathroom. Seeing that it is a fan making the noise “Sam” flashes back to a time when he was staying at a Motel with the dog he hit when “Everett” (played by Harrison McDonald “Fringe/Gay Dude”) complains about machines he can’t afford to fix but are eating up money. “Sam” agrees to help fix these problems for “Everett”, and his very sick father.    “Dean” has made his way to the harbor where “Benny” is hiding. “Dean” searches “Benny’s” car for the blood, and it looks like “Benny” lives in the truck as well.    “Dean” finds an unconscious “Benny”, and quickly gives him some blood to drink.  “Benny” recovers quickly from his wounds, and is ready to continue on in his search for “the Old Man” “Dean” asks “Benny” what is going on with him.    “Benny” flashes back to Purgatory “Castiel” (played by Misha Collins) zaps a supernatural being/vampire, and it is obvious “Benny”, & “Castiel” do not get along. “Castiel”, & “Benny” do agree that they don’t believe “Castiel” will be able to get though the door way out of Purgatory.  “Dean”  “You listen to me you one dead blood junkie!” “I’m the one with the mojo I’m the one with the plan”  “Cas, Where going to shove your ass back through the eye of that needle even if it kills all 3 of us”    “Benny” tells “Dean” he is hunting down his maker to kill him. “Sam” flashes back to fixing an ice machine for “Everett”, when “Everett” asks “Sam” if he would fix a tenets sink. While fixing the sink the tenet  shows up, and it is “Amelia” the Veterinarian helping the dog “Sam” hit that is better.    Unfortunately it was not love at first site with these two because “Amelia” freaks out when she sees “Sam” in her Motel room.  “Benny” explains to “Dean” that they would stalk ships attack them feed, and bury the ship at sea, and no one was the wiser “Dean” jokes that “Benny” was a “Vampirate”, and how his Master killed him for leaving him, and the convent. But, that “the Old Man” also killed the woman he loved while cutting off “Benny’s” hands, & feet, he ripped out “Andrea’s” (played by Athena Karkanis “Saw 4 & 6/Lost Girl”) throat, and that was the last thing he seen before he died, and now he wants revenge.    “Benny”, & “Dean” are on their way to “Prentiss Island” where “the Old Man” hides out. “Benny” notices a picture of “Andrea” on it, and freezes when he sees her alive walking down the stairs towards him. Before “Benny” could come out of his shock he was captured by the Vamps. “Dean”  “Idiot” stays hidden so he can free “Benny” later, or get away. “Benny” is handcuffed to a chair “Andrea” admits that “The Old Man” turned her but don’t know why.    “Sam” tries to call “Dean” but “Dean” is busy hiding so hits ignore. “Sam” flashes back to more not falling in love moment with “Amelia” whom is thinking “Sam” is some crazy stalker guy who shops at military stores..what?!     “Dean” calls “Sam” back, and tells “Sam” he is on a vampire hunt with someone “Sam” don’t know, and now they are having a sibling quarrel. “Benny” gets back handed by “Andrea” which it seems is boss over all the other vamps, and one in particular doesn’t hide he don’t like it, or her “Sorento” (played by Luc Roderique “Caprica/Divine”) who also helped kill “Benny” on “The Old Man’s” orders. “Andrea” starts kissing “Benny” when the other vampires leave the room. She gives “Benny” a knife, and keys to the handcuffs telling “Benny” she know he can kill “The Old Man” so they can be free to be together. “Dean” is interrupted by two vampires while he is attempting to hide the body of another..oops. “Benny” comes face to face with his maker “The Old Man” which old he does not look.    “Dean” flashes back to Purgatory when the Leviathans caught up with “Castiel”, “Dean”, and “Benny” when they explode into a area not drop by. “Sam” has a flashback as well when the dog runs into “Amelia’s” Motel room, and makes himself at dog.    After “Amelia” reads off “Sam”, and his issues “Sam” returns the favor, and they seem to be kindred spirits. “Sam” is driving about 100 miles per hour trying to get to “Dean” on the Island. “Benny” kills “Sorento” for calling his girl a bitch, and I am sure for assisting in “Benny’s” death as well. “The Old Man” is inpressed “Benny” has learned some tricks in Purgatory but daddy does looked worried. “Benny” comes out of the office, and tells “Andrea” he has killed their maker but “Andrea” doesn’t want to leave she wants her, & “Benny” to run the vamps, and the operate from there. But, “Benny” wants it to end, and now he realizes he must say goodbye to “Andrea” for she is no longer the woman he fell in love with those many years ago. “Dean” kills “Andrea” sending her off to Purgatory..good luck.    “Sam” is waiting for “Dean”, & “Benny” at the dock which “Sam” is not happy about.    “Benny” gives “Sam” his hand to shake which “Sam” does but also goes for his knife as well where “Dean” spots him doing it, and shakes his head No at him so “Sam” doesn’t kill “Benny” but no the less not happier than before. “Benny” catches on, and leaves “Dean” with “Sam” to talk among themselves about what is going on.      

Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 3 “Heartache”

   Minneapolis, Minnesota    A guy is jogging along a trail.  The jogger senses another person behind him, and it is a heavier set man running by him quickly. When the jogger goes to shake the heaver set man’s hand “Paul” ,”Paul” shoves his hand into the joggers chest then rips out his Heart..ouch.    “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles), & “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) are walking through a Farmer’s Market getting produce. While “Sam” is looking at the produce “Dean” is rambling on about a case he feels they should investigate but “Sam” doesn’t seem to interested. “Dean” needs to get back to hunting, and killing the Supernatural but “Sam” wants to enjoy life without the Supernaturals. The Winchester Brothers are suited up asking local law enforcement questions, and watching a recording of the jogger before he was De-hearted. The local law enforcement officer is played by Alan Ackles(Serving Sara/Prison Break), and who is also Jensen’s father     “I mean look at him…I mean sure he can run a little bit but “Thor” he ain’t” “You thinking he grabbed Freddy fitness here, and throw him down, and ripped out his heart!” “Forgive me if  I didn’t take him out back, and shoot him” haha  Winchesters are at “Paul’s” home questioning him about the jogger but the boys are excepting his story..for now. The boys are suited up once again, and questioning officer “Levitt” (played by Aaron Pearl “Poltergeist: The Legacy/X2, and “Supernatural” season 4×20 was “Roger”)    he tells them they have a suspect in custody “Arthur” but all he is doing is babbling. “Arthur” is repeating a phrase over ,over, and over again “Sam” is recording it hoping they can later figure out what he is saying. “Dean” poured holy water on him but “Arthur” is not possessed but maybe just plain old crazy. Once back in his cell “Arthur” uses some super human strength to break a piece off of his steel bed to shove into his eye, and cut his own eye ball out..eck. At the hospital a doctor informs “Dean” “Arthur” had an eye transplant a year ago today, and that is the eye “Arthur” ripped out.    Boulder, Colorado   A guy is waiting outside of “Bunny Hole” strip club for a pole dancer just getting off work, he is hoping she will work for a little extra cash. 😉   But before he gets his money’s worth she rips his heart out…wow..some females wait to rip your heart out but she was too the point..haha.  While in the Impala headed to Boulder, Colorado the Doctor from the Hospital calls to tell “Dean” she tracked down the Donor of “Arthur” “Paul”, and there are 6 more people. “Sam” tries to tell “Dean” he wants to quit this life, and start another but “Dean” don’t seem to want/won’t believe him.    “Randa” (played by Kyra Zagorsky “Staregate: Atlantis/Falling Skies”) the pole dancer from “Bunny Hole” is working a spell, and after taking a bite out of a heart seems something has possession of her.  At the home of the Donor organs “Brick Holmes” he was a professional football player before passing, and an idol to “Sam” his mother “Eleanor Holmes” (played by Patty McCormack “The Bad Seed/Freddy’s Nightmare T.V show”) answers “Dean”, & “Sam’s” questions.  “Eleanor” doesn’t want to answer most of their questions, and pushes the boys out of her home but I see why mom knows “Randa”, and they share a deep dark secret. “Professor Morrison” tells the boys “Arthur” wasn’t babbling but repeating Ancient Mayan to the God “Ca Cow” God of maize. The Winchester Brothers go back to the “Holmes” house to search it while “Eleanor” is out.    “Dean” “Hey, Sammy would it totally crush you to know your boy “Brick” wasn’t a natural blonde” haha   “Sam” finds “Eleanor’s” outfit she wore at there meeting earlier today in “Brick’s” closet. “Dean” suggests by eyeing the bed maybe mommy, and son where closer then most..yuck.  “Dean” finds a secret room through “Bricks” closet filled with sports memorabilia. While going through the room “Dean” finds an old box filled with love letters to a “Betsy”, and they go back at least 100 years.  While searching the web “Sam” comes across pictures of men through out the years in different sports but all looking like “Brick”, and “Eleanor” is with him but seems to have aged more than “Brick”.  The boys are figuring he has to be 900years old but how? I am wondering did “Brick” find the fountain of youth if so at what cost? What would you pay to be youthful forever?    Back at the “Holmes” residence “Dean”, & “Sam” confront “Eleanor” with what they know, and ask her to help them to end these brutal killings. “Eleanor” tells the brothers “Brick” was her husband, and he lived 1,000 years ago he was a Mayan Athlete he wanted to live forever playing sports be in the lime light. “Brick’s” Mayan name was “Inyo”, and he made a pact with the God “Ca cow” through a High Priestess, and even once she find he was sacrificing humans by ripping their hearts out for “Ca Cow” she didn’t leave him because they loved each other, and they continued because they loved each other. The shit people do to each other or in the name of Love.    “Eleanor” sends “Dean”, & “Sam” to the “Bunny Hole” where “Randa” works she has “Brick’s” heart, and killing her will kill all the others with “Bricks” organs as well. “Dean” “Smell that?”   “Sam” “You’re gross!” “Dean’s” facile expression said he agreed but don’t care.  “Randa” was waiting for the boys seems she know “Eleanor” would give her up “Randa” had the other possessed Donors waiting for “Dean”, & “Sam” as well.    Everyone begins to fight but “Dean” is overpowered  “You guys are stronger then you look”   “Paul” “It comes with the package plus I workout a lot”  🙂   “Randa” then straddles “Dean” which I found this scene seriously Hot/sexy to watch.  Than “Randa” tells “Dean” she is going to kill him slow so he can see his heart come out…it suddenly got really warm in my house, or I got turned on?!  😉   “Randa” “I couldn’t dissect a frog in High School but Sacrificing to “Ca Cow”, better than sex”   “Sam” fighting with another possessed Donor distracts “Randa” long enough for “Dean” to stab her in the heart, and the possessed Donors die as well.  “Dean”, & “Sam” tell “Eleanor” goodbye. “Dean”, & “Sam” are in the Impala “Sam” tells “Dean” when they find “Kevin”, and the Tablet he is done with the family business, “Sam” wants a normal life. “Dean” still can’t/won’t believe “Sam” means it.     “Sam” begins to flashback to his time with “Amelia”, and his dog having a birthday picnic for “Sam” something “Sam” obviously missed out on as a kid/adult.   Promo episode 4 “Bitten” watch?v=0zLBmiR18H8     Sneak peek   watch?v=5NmGrE4MtMc

Supernatural: Season 8 Episode 2 “What’s Up, Tiger Mommy?”

 Chicago, Illinois a bank employee is showing an old creepy man named “Mr. Vili” (played by Alex Diakun “Blood Link/Sanctuary Season 1 Episode 12 Alex played a Reaper”) his safety deposit box. When he tells her it is box number 1 she seems to start acting oddly towards the man. Has me wondering what’s in the box?  Which “Mr. Vili” does reveal what is in the box, and according to him it is the finger of frost Giant “Ymir” then “Mr. Vili” states he wants to make a withdrawl, and kills the bank employee which isn’t shown but assumed by her scream along with a nice blood splatter across the safety deposit boxes.    Prophet “Kevin Tran” (played by Osric Chau) is begging “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) to please go check on his mother. “Dean” agrees but is not happy about it, “Dean”, & “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) both know they are walking into a trap for “Kevin”. Once the guys arrive in Neighbor, MI “Kevin’s” home town, “Kevin” sees that his mother even though it is just looking at her through a window that she seems fine to him. But, “Sam”, & “Dean” notice not everything is o.k because the mailman keeps repeatedly delivering mail to “Linda Tran’s” (played by Lauren Tom The Joy Luck Club/Bad Santa) mailbox, and that the Gardner is seriously over watering..everything around him.    The Winchester boys decide to kill some Demons, and go speak to “Linda” which I’am sure “Kevin” would like to hug his Mommy 🙂   After The Winchester brothers kill the Demons they knock on the “Tran” home door, and say hello to mamma “Tran” by throwing Holy water probably laced with cleaning solution on her…nice. Thankfully she is not a Demon but is not looking to happy either. “Linda” was playing cards with a friend whom turns out is a Demon, and before it could escape its “Meat Suite” to go tell “Crowley” (played by Mark A. Sheppard) that “Kevin” is there “Sam” says an Exorcism incantation in reverse to put the Demon back into her body where “Dean” than kills her. “Linda” is brought up to speed on her son’s new life path, and the knowledge yes Virgin there are Monsters. Mamma “Tran” seems very calm from learning everything, and seeing what she did “Linda” “Is that what you been doing all year watching television?” eck  But, “Linda” sees a positive side to her son being a Prophet..I mean come on how many mom’s can brag their kid is the Prophet of God?? 🙂  “Linda” decides she is not leaving her son’s side again,   and she is going with them, to help protect her boy. I figure at least this way she can know where “Kevin” is how he is doing, and until she can no longer be with him he’s got his mamma…awww. The Winchester brothers inform mom, & son they have to get a tattoo with the same ink they have to keep demons, or etc from possessing their bodies. “Linda” is cool with the tattooing but “Kevin” not so much, sissy.    “Dean” “You smelly it Sammy?”  “Sam” “What burning flesh?!”  “Dean” “Revenge, so close!”   “Dean” asks “Sam” how did he reverse the Demon into the woman’s body, “Sam” I just said the verse backs…so nonchalant Sam..his facial expression seem to say duh Dean..haha.  But, my thought was: how did you know it would work?? Has Sam done this before..Someone taught him, or lucky guess? Everyone goes to the Train station where “Kevin” hid the tablet with the incantation to close hell permanently.    Once in the locker “Dean”, & “Sam” find a diaper bag inside but no Tablet. “Dean” “You hide the Word of God in a diaper bag!”  “Kevin” “No!” “Dean” looks pissed “Sam’s” smile to “Dean” says I told ya so! “Dean” “Shut Up!” haha. The Winchester brothers suit up to play Feds, and get some answers from the Train station security guard. Train station’s head of security informs them the guy whom had this job before him was caught stealing from the lockers, and is in jail. While at the jail questioning the ex security guard “Dean” begins to flashback to “Purgatory” where he, and “Benny” (played by Ty Olsson) is questioning what looks to me to be a werewolf.    “Dean” has the werewolf chained to a tree, and flashing his mean looking knife asking where “Castiel” (played by Misha Collins) is. As “Dean” flashes back to his interrogation with the creature in “Purgatory” in real time he is aggressively interrogating the ex security guard by rapping his tie around the dudes neck, and showing his evil looking knife..eck. Of course it worked, and the guy sang his heart out to get “Dean” away from him.    The Thief got off lucky unlike “Purgatory” monster who got a face full of blade..ouch. The whole gang end up at a pawn shop run by some sleazy dude but the actors name is Harris Allan (“Queer As Folk-US/Final Destination 3”) I know this because he played “Hunter” the adopted child of Michael and Ben on Queer As Folk-US it happen to be one of my all time favorite shows I own the complete series.  After “Dean” threatens Violence but gets nowhere once he see’s the shop is wired up, and unless he wants to be on “Youtube” he has to attempt to play nice. “Linda” shows some of her muscles knowing Tax Laws and using “Kevin”, & “Sam’s” Math skills to scare the Pawn shop guy into giving an address to the person that bought the Tablet. I seriously suck at Math. “Linda” “So what is it going to be the tablet, or that piece of Euro trash crap you call a car?” Go mom!     Before knocking at the supposed buyer of the tablet’s Motel room a gentleman in a nice suit, cane, and a top hat shows up knowing everyone’s name..creepy. “beau” (played by Jonathan LLoyd Walker “The X-Files/The Thing”) is the gentleman’s name, and he brings an invitation for everyone to attend an Auction where the Word of God will be. The Host of the Auction  “plutus” “Dean” “Is that even a planet anymore” haha “Beau” “Plutus” is the “Right hand of God” “God of Greed” promises no harm will come to anyone then vanishing leaving behind an invite for “Kevin”, and plus 3.  “Dean” , & “Sam” are trying to figure out what they could use to buy the Tablet. When “Sam” looks at the Impala eyeing it suggestive look but is cut off by “Dean” whom threatens to kill “Sam” his children, and his grandchildren if he say what he thinks he is about to say..eck. “Sam” thinks they should go to the Auction they have to put the items up for display before the Auction starts they will have “Kevin” memorize the text then leave…they all agree, and, “Dean” apologizes  to his baby girl (Impala) promising her “Sam” didn’t mean it..haha.    Once at the Auction everyone is clean through the metal detectors, except “Dean” of course, and after filling up a bucket full of weapons “Dean” informs the guard at the door he will be back.    The Auction has a lot of interesting items up I would bid on. Unfortunately the Tablet is covered up so now they must think of a new plan, And on cue “Crowley” with his awesome one liners “And what prey tell could possible be plan A bring the Prophet to the most dangerous place on Earth memorize the Tablet then Va Mouse…Hello Boys!”  “Kevin what a pleasure to see ya” “Sorry about your little play date..and name..uh?” “Well..gonna make an omelet sometimes you have to break some spines” eck, and “Linda” give “Crowley” his must deserved punch to the mouth “Crowley” “Charming..defiling her corpse has just made #1 on my to do list”  “Dean” goes to fight “Crowley” but “Sam” stops “Dean” so they don’t get put out, or worse. “Crowley” “Listen to mouse, squirrel”    “Plutus” (played by Gerard Plunkett “Sliders/Sucker Punch”) enters the room to begin the Auction “Dean” “What is he the God of the candy aisle” <–I fell lost on that comment..anyone else?  An Angel name “Samandriel” (played by Tyler Johnston “Decoys 2/Smallville” in Season1 Episode 8 he played “Matt Pike” a bug boy) dressed in a fast food workers uniform asked “Dean” if “Castiel” was able to leave “Purgatory”, or if alive?  “Samandriel” “You know their are some in Heaven whom still believe despite his mistakes Castiel’s heart was always in the right place.”  “I think too much heart was always Castiel’s problem”  “Dean” than flashes back to “Purgatory” were him, and “Benny” find “Castiel” by the water as the creature had said was washing his face.    “Dean” is so happy to see “Cas” he runs straight to him smiling, and gives “Cas” a huge hug but “Castiel” don’t look happy to see “Dean” at all. “Benny” confronts “Castiel” on why he left “Dean” for “Cas” to tell the truth but “Dean” won’t believe “Cas” abandoned him of course “Dean” didn’t believe it until “Castiel” admits he did abandoned “Dean” but it was to keep him safe from the Leviathans still hunting for “Castiel’s” head. “Dean” of course understands but still looks hurt but who wouldn’t be. “Dean” has “Benny” tell “Castiel” how they plan on escaping “Purgatory” but they don’t seem to like the idea of “Cas” hitching a ride, or is that just me?    “Dean” tells “Castiel” he is not leaving “Purgatory” without him. For me at that moment it is like you see the plan unfolding in “Castiel’s” eyes on how to get “Dean” to leave him there. The Auction starts the Winchesters, “Kevin”, & “Linda” dip into their pockets but soon realize they do not have the cash, collateral, or Gold for this Auction. “Dean” decides to find away around that problem by stealing a guards key to open the vault to find Guards working in site the vault. oops  Mr. Vili offers the finger bone of the frost giant of Ymir, and 5/8 of a virgin (bank employee..but what he do with the parts of her?) for the “Hammer of Thor” which the deal is good..yuck.    “Dean” “Plan C tanked”  “Crowley” “Maybe should try plan D for Dumbass” LOL  The Word of God is brought up but before the boys could bid “Crowley” offers 3 Billion dollars (my grandmother use to always call me the Devil, The Devil’s concubine, or Devil’s daughter but either way with that kind of money I need to see which one is true 🙂  ) “Samandriel” counter offers the “Mona Lisa”  “Crowley” “The Real “Mona Lisa” where she is topless”  “Samandriel” “Vatican City”  “Crowley” “The Moon”   “Dean” “Your bidding the Moon”  “Crowley” “Ya, I claimed it for Hell” “You think a man named “Buzz” gets to go to space without making a deal?!”  “Crowley” “Alaska”  “beau” “Palin, and the bridge to no where, no thanks” haha  I would pass on that too.    Not happy with the way the Auction is going “Kevin” is chained to put up to bid with the Tablet so “Linda” offers her Soul to get her son, and the Tablet.  At this point “Crowley” offers all the Souls in Hell for the Tablet, and “Kevin” but “Plutus” is not interested. “Samandriel” won’t use the Souls in Heaven to gain the Tablet, or “Kevin”. “Crowley” then bids his Soul but since he doesn’t have one “Linda” wins the Auction to keep her son but losses her Soul..What a true loving parent won’t do for their child *Tear*. “Dean”, & “Sam” are sitting with “Linda” as she cries for her Soul, and asks questions that give her no comfort. Here “Sam” has the understanding of what’s to come for her where “Dean” sees this as a plus they got “Kevin”, and the Tablet so soon Hell will be closed. “Samandriel” asks “Linda” about taking “Kevin” to protect but seeing how the other “Angels” died trying to do this she dies him, and feels her chances are better with the Winchester brothers. In the room waiting to lose her Soul “Linda” becomes possessed by “Crowley”, flashback to “Beau” burning “Linda’s Tattoo (wow those walls must be very thick or sound proof), and “Beau” now owns an Island thanks to “Crowley” good help is seriously hard to come by these days..everyone/thing has a price.   Possessed “Linda” runs off with the Tablet, and “Dean” chases after them. “Sam” gets the “Hammer of Thor” from “Mr. Vili” then he kills “Beau”, “Kevin” runs off after his “Crowley” possessed mom.  “Mr. Vili” asks “Sam” for his Hammer back but “Sam” decides to use the Hammer on “Mr. Vili” for the 5/8 of a virgin he had.    “Crowley” exists “Linda’s” body before “Dean” kills her.    “Crowley” “Well that was exciting” “Want to know who your real father is?.. Scandalous” “I know where not mates “Kevin” but one word of advise Run..Run far, and run fast. Cause the Winchesters well..they have a habit of using people up, and watching them die..Bloody!” Too Doodles”  Ouch that had to hurt a little “Dean”.    “Kevin” does look worried, and his mom seems lost in her mind. “Sam” is showing compassion towards “Kevin” about his mother “Kevin” still can get over “Dean” tried to kill his mother. While sitting with his mother alone “Dean” notices how quite the room is then when he went to go look “Kevin”, & “Linda” are gone. They choose to go alone “Crowley’s” words hit home for both of them. Then shows with a flashback of  “Purgatory”, and “Castiel” is calling for “Dean”      Promo 8×03     Sneak Peek “Heartache”