Supernatural: Season 7 Episode 19 “Of Grave Importance”

  The Winchester brothers are enjoying the night air sitting on top of their vehicle eating tacos.    When “Dean” (played by Jensen Ackles) cell starts to ring it is “Annie Hawkins” (played by Jamie Luner “Profiler”, and “All My Children”) welcome, not sure if your stay will be long?! 🙂 she called the boys to give her condolences for losing “Bobby”, and offer the old books of “Bobby’s” she has. “Dean” agrees that him, & “Sam” (played by Jared Padalecki) will meet “Annie” for lunch tomorrow.  A teenage couple is making out on a couch in a an abandoned creepy old house when they hear “Annie’s” car pull up, and take off to hide realizing they are not suppose to be there in the 1st place. While searching for a spot to hide, or without being seen when their flashlight goes out, at the end of the hall they see a huge guy standing there. He suddenly rushes at them screaming they are not suppose to be there.   “Annie” appears in the same hall area the kids where just seen in as her light begins to flicker, and the same guy is now screaming at her, and end of scene..I’m going to say bye to “Annie” I am sure she is dead.  The brothers are sitting at the restaurant waiting for “Annie” realizing it is unlike her to be late they get worried. “Dean” calls “Annie” cell but no response. “Sam” brings up that “Bobby”, & “Annie” had a thing a while back “Dean” admits so did he, & “Annie”, and of course “Sam” says he did as well but his excuse is he was soulless “Sam” at the    The boys decide to go search for “Annie” at theMotel room when the boys walk by their car “Bobby” (played by Jim Beaver) is seen sitting in the backseat he looks sad, & tired. 😦  In “Annie’s” Motel room they find clippings, and papers on the local haunted house the “Van Ness” estate seems a lot of teenagers have disappeared after going into the home.   “Bobby” is sitting in a chair complaining ready to pull his hair out because he made the curtain move but no one noticed..haha  “Bobby”  “Idoits” after some discussion the boys decide to go check out this “Van Ness” house, and see if they can find “Annie”, or any answer of what happen to her.  Once at the haunted “Van Ness” place the boys are unable to see the spirits all over the place in this place but “Bobby” sees them even attempts to communicate with them but no one bats a eye at him “Bobby”  “Chilly”.  The Winchesters call out for “Annie” but nothing they call her cell which they hear start to ring, and find on the ground but where is “Annie”?  Two gentlemen are standing on the stairs when “Bobby” over hears one tell the other (which happens to be the big guy that rushed the kids, and “Annie”) guy his actions from last night were wrong, and don’t do it again, or there will be consequences. Eck..bad ghost don’t commit murder in the house..o.k.    “Annie” shows up, and is able to see “Bobby” as he can see her so yep she is dead.  “Annie”  “Wow, Dead, Ghost, Me”  “3 words you never want to use in a sentence”  “Bobby” asks “Annie” did she run from her reaper too? Which “Annie” says no she never seen anything she feels drained, and is not sure what happened, then scolded “Bobby” for running from his reaper, and asks why? He says he has unfinished business.  “Annie” calls out to the couple she found dead in the hallway before she was murdered but they seemed depressed, and in their own world never looking at her.  “Bobby” tells “Annie” of his frustration with the boys unable to hear, or see him.  The boys notice no bodies, or blood either nothing happened here, or they have one good clean up crew?! “Dean” is listening to “Annie” voice messages when he comes across one, and has “Sam” listen to it, it sounds paranormal, and the number that shows up is just dots in sequence. “Bobby”, & “Annie” notice a ghost that walked through the wall, and he picks up a chair to re-position it so he can sit in it at the bar. “Bobby” not wanting to be out done figures if he can do it so can he, and tells “Annie” to watch but instead of pushing a chest he falls on his face..haha  The gentleman ghost named “Haskel Crane” mocks “Bobby”s” attempt at moving the object so “Bobby” ask the ghost to show him how it is done. After a moment of childish name calling the ghost tells “Bobby”, & “Annie” you have to relax, or use rage like the poltergeist do but very hard to control so either relax tell it to move, or don’t, don’t move shit either way he doesn’t care..what a sweet heart. Before “Bobby” gets to attempt to move the candle holder a female ghost lets out a blood curdling scream, & a puff of smoke “Bobby” ask “Haskel Crane” “What in cold Hell was that?” “Haskel” informs “Bobby”, & “Annie” that with all ghost including them in time they all deteriorate to nothing “Bobby”  “Ghost Alzheimer”    “Sam”, & “Dean” discuss going back to “Annie’s” Motel room looking for more information when “Annie” calls out to the boys but gets no acknowledgement from either, when “Bobby” tells her he has tried, and she is just wasting her breath. “Bobby” asks “Annie” is he being checked out? “Annie” lets him know the eye balling is for her, and ask the ghost “Can I help You?” her name is “Victoria Todd” (played by Elysia Rotaru “Eureka”, and “Sanctuary”) she was the one who left “Annie” the messages on her cell when she was their last..alive. “Sam”, & “Dean” leave the estate, and so does “Bobby” he wants to go back in but the boys decide to go to the Historical Society to get more history on the “Van Ness”  house.    The curator at the historical society “Quentin” (played by Russell Roberts “IT”, and “Stargate SG-1”)t ells the Winchester brothers “Whitman Van Ness” (played by Antonio Cupo “Saint Sinner”, and “Hollywood Flies”) had been plaqued by death, and bad luck his whole life before his untimely death at 40. The big guy was “Whitman’s” grounds keeper “Dexter O’Connell” (played by Derek Gilroy “The Mathew Shepard Story”, and “2007 Hairspray”) it is believed he killed “Whitman’s” wife on the eve of their wedding.  Back at the Motel room “Sam” is reading an article on “Van Ness” house while “Dean” is taking a shower seems “Dexter” didn’t just kill “Whitman’s” wife but the women residing in the whore house as well after capture he escaped, and was found dead from a shot gun wound in the “Van Ness” house. “Bobby” is sitting in the bathroom listening to “Sam” talk to “Dean” “Bobby”  “Alright now, I can kill Werewolves, fix a pinto, and bake cornbread” “I will be damned if I can’t get Zen!” Two friends of the killed couple “Jesse”, & “Brian” are going into the “Van Ness” home looking for any traces of their friends recording the event..idiots.    “Dean” calls “Sam” into the bathroom asking if he wrote that on the mirror? “Annie” Trapped in House”  “Sam” lets him know he did not  “Dean”  asks who is their when the hot water turns on, and the Name “Bobby” appears on the mirror. After a moment of a million questions, and confusion the boys run back to the “Van Ness” house.  The two idiots see “Dexter” at the end of the hall he rushes at them yelling they are not suppose to be here, and to leave. O.K. killer ghost shouldn’t be telling its prey to leave?!  “Whitman” appears yelling at “Dexter” No the boys turn, and thank him but he shoves his hands into the boys so I’m thinking “Dexter” is not the killer, and the boys where thanking the wrong ghost for the wrong thing but no dead, can’t fix that. “Dexter” tells “Van Ness” he has enough ghosts, and they are just kids “Dexter” refuses to watch “Van Ness” kill again, he say not again so “Whitman” is the psycho killer, and not “Dexter”..gotcha. “Whitman” decides to help “Dexter” with not wanting to see “Whitman” kill, and he kills “Dexter”.  “Annie” is hiding in the shadows watching everything as she attempts to get the camcorder but still unable to touch objects she asks “Victoria” to get it. “Victoria” is refusing as she tells “Annie” it is safer to stay out of “Whitman’s” Business she tells “Annie” he kills people to feed off of it and their spirits become a perverse form of entertainment for him. “Victoria” begs “Annie” to please stay out of his way it is best to stay unnoticed in the house if she wishes to survive. “Victoria” tells “Annie she was killed by “Van Ness” they all was it wasn’t “Dexter” he framed him for the killings “Victoria” was a “Fancy Lady”  “Annie”  “A hooker” haha “Victoria didn’t seem to like being called that.  “Annie” finally gets “Victoria” to get the camcorder before “Van Ness” returns. Looks like “Whitman” has a secret room where he keeps the bodies.   Once the boys are at the house “Bobby” takes his flask out of “Dean” jacket, and puts it in a drawer in the house it looks like he is trying to stay at the house. The camcorder rolls over to “Dean” as he picks it up calling for “Sam” they watch the video when “Sam” tells “Dean” to rewind, and pause they see “Annie” screaming in the feed. The boys go to leave but “Annie”, & “Bobby” beg “Victoria” to appear to “Dean”, & “Sam”  promising they will free them. She does appear, and of course freaking the boys out but it seems strange to see them jump I would think at this point nothing could make them jump or freak them out. She tells the boys that “Annie” is there and No they are not standing on her..haha she tells them she was once a “Fancy Lady”  “Dean”  “A Hooker”  haha  “Annie” at this point is getting inpatient with the small talk she tells the boys “Van Ness” is the one doing the killings, and he will kill them, and “Annie” if they don’t kill him first.   Before “Victoria” could finish her talk she bursts in flames “Van Ness” killed her but the boys agree at least they know whose bones to salt, & burn. Before leaving the house “Whitman” puts a skeleton key in “Sam’s” pocket looks like he wants to go for a ride. Unfortunately “Bobby” hide his flask in the house so he will be staying at the house. “Annie” tells “Bobby” to quit whining look at the plus side now they can search the house, and “Whitman’s” room hopefully find the bodies. “Bobby” finds the secret room where “Van Ness” keeps the bodies, “Annie” comes face to face with her dead self. “Annie” asks “Bobby” to please give her a hunters funeral she don’t want to be forever attached to this house, or be a ghost, nothing sounds like the final peace she is looking for. “Bobby” agrees but he is not ready to leave the boys yet. While driving “Sam” finds where “Van Ness” is buried in the family crypt when suddenly the gas pedal is being pushed, and it is not “Dean” the boys get control of the car, and jump out. “Dean”, & “Sam” start searching their pockets looking for how “Whitman” was able to come with them. “Sam” finds the skeleton key “Whitman” had put in his pocket, throws it on the ground, “Whitman” shoves his hand into “Sam”. “Dean” shots the skeleton key, and it forces “Whitman” back yo the house. The boys run off to the crypt to salt, & burn “Whitman’s” bones before anything happens to “Annie” ghost. Back at the haunted “Van Ness” house “Bobby”, & “Annie” are hiding from “Whitman” but he knows they been in his room, and he figures they are trying to burn the bodies..he doesn’t approve. “Whitman” finds “Bobby”, & “Annie” scolds them for not appreciating his hospitality then shoves his hand into “Bobby’s” chest at that exact moment “Dean”, & “Sam” salt, & burn “Whitman’s” bones, and he bursts into flames.   “Bobby” wakes to find “Annie” looking over him she tells him he was knocked out for a few hours. “Dean”, & “Sam” walk in, and “Bobby”  “Hi Boys”  “Dean”  “Bobby?!”  “Bobby”  “Wait! You can see me?”  The Winchester brothers stand there looking confused but “Bobby” looks pleased they can finally see, & hear him. “Bobby” tells the boys “Annie” is here she says Hello. They ask “Bobby” how is it possible he is still here? “Bobby” goes, and gets his flask that he had hidden in the house “Suck on that Swayze” haha “Bobby” tells the boys he choose to stay but they don’t look so happy to hear that.  “Bobby” tells them to come on they have to burn the bodies, and he tells “Dean” to keep his damn flask away from the fire. 🙂  After burning the bodies, and giving “Annie” her hunters funeral “Dean” lets “Bobby”, & “Sam” know how he is not happy with “Bobby” still here that he should be in Heaven right now drinking Beer not here a miserable ghost. “Bobby” is obviously hurt by hearing this, and disappears.  “Sam” asks “Dean” if he thinks this will work the three of them, and “Bobby” being a ghost. “Dean” doesn’t know but he can’t see this ending well.  Oh poor “Bobby” he looks so sad I believe “Dean” has hurt “Bobby’s” feelings not appreciating the sacrifice “Bobby” did for them, to stay help, and be with them.  


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